Most dogs want to please their owners. Untrained dogs and un-educated owners simply do not know how to communicate. We at 1st Step Dog Training & Grooming know that a proper dog obedience training program is the cornerstone of good behavior in dogs. The purpose of training is to teach your dog which behaviors are and are not acceptable. Dogs that are well behaved/obedient spend more time with their owners and family having fun and less time isolated, which impairs the dog’s ability to be a member of the family. Training is one of the best gifts you could give your dog! Well trained dogs are happier and healthier...and so are their owners. 


Grooming is not only important for your dog’s appearance, but vital to canine health. Regular grooming removes dead hair, dirt, fleas and ticks, and stimulates blood supply to the skin.  Your dog’s coat is also its first line of defense against disease and injury. Loose, protective layers keep a dog cool in the summer while matted hair traps heat, increasing your dog’s core temperature.

We offer full grooming services and will personalize a bath or grooming package that’s right for your dog.  We will meet with you to discuss your dog’s specific needs and recommend the right grooming service. Due to different breeds, condition of coat and time required to complete grooming services, pricing will be determined after your dog is assessed.

"Buddy needed help with his manners and jumping.  He has learned so much in only a few weeks...thanks, Alex! Thanks Alex" - J.S.


Erica Barton Holliday is an energetic mother to four year old, PJ, horse trainer and dog groomer. Raised on her family farm, she developed a natural ability to understand and work with a variety of animals. Her vet tech experience gave her the confidence and training to handle and care for every type of pet and livestock from chickens to horses to dogs to cats. She takes pride in everything she does and enjoys working with and grooming all breeds of dogs and cats. Erica never meets a stranger and loves all God's creatures, great and small.  She currently resides in Bellville with her husband, son and many animals.  


"Sassy looked beautiful after she visited 1st Step Dog for a bath and summer shave.  The staff was great too!" - Lisa G.


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1st Step Dog Training & Grooming's mission is to deliver the best service possible, while remaining compassionate toward all animals and respectful to their owners. Caring for animals is a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.

Alex Aldama

Trainer/Certified Canine Specialist

Alex Aldama is a local resident and 2011 graduate of Brenham High School.  After exploring different avenues for a future profession, he decided to pursue his true passion and begin his career working with dogs. Alex inherited his mother’s love of dogs and has owned dogs his entire life. He and his family currently own seven dogs and are active in the adoptions of local strays. Alex attended one of the world’s finest dog training academies where he developed a good understanding of how dogs think, behave and learn. Alex’s focus included basic and advanced obedience, dog sports, behavior modification, kennel and breeding management, personal protection, police K-9 training, search and rescue, retriever training, assisted therapy, explosive and narcotic detection and much more. He received his certification from Starmark / Triple Crown Academy in 2013. Alex’s mission will be to concentrate on helping owners live with and understand their dog by providing both basic and advanced classes and behavioral consultations. 


1401 S. Day St., Brenham TX 77833

Tel. 979-836-1335 / Fax 979-836-1334

"Thanks to Alex, our new golden retriever puppy, Scout, is now a happy part of our family. She has learned to heel beautifully on a leash and is a joy to walk. She still loves to play in our yard with our other golden, but now comes when we call! She has learned so much and we look forward to continuing her training as she grows into an adult. This program has exceeded our expectations!" - Lauren A.

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